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Mario's Backyard

ThatRack - Portable Grill Accessory

ThatRack - Portable Grill Accessory

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ThatRack by Mario's Backyard triples your grilling space, eliminates the need to flip food and delivers the juiciest food you've ever experienced through consistent cooking patterns. 

Complete with two sliding rails for drumsticks, sixteen skewers, six rib slots, a basket, and a warming and cooking rack, ThatRack is the most versatile, portable grilling accessory on the market. Effortlessly grill your favorite meals, meats and veggies in the very same grill surface for 1-21 people, take it camping and to all your favorite spots. From backyard gas and charcoal grills and Egg-style smokers to picnic park grills and campfires, ThatRack can be used on gas, charcoal, wood, and pellet-style grills or smokers and even open flame fires. By raising the food above the grill grate, the need for tongs and spatulas is eliminated for most experiences.

With ThatRack, you are able to lift your cooking food off the heat source and set it on one spot which allows for a slower & more consistent cooking process while also preserving the juices running through the food. 

ThatRack holds up to:

  • 18-24 lg chicken drumsticks 
  • 40 Jumbo shrimp 
  • 36 hot dogs
  • 30 sausages 
  • 22 chicken wings
  • 10 steaks 
  • 10 salmon fillets
  • 6 extra large burgers 
  • 4 cornish hens
  • 2 beer can chickens 
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