Load it. Carry it. Grill it.

ThatRack by Mario's Backyard is spicing up your grilling game by delivering the most flexible 5-in-1 grilling experience you've ever imagined.

Some call it a multipurpose rack, others call the outdoor air fryer, we call it ThatRack because it's ThatCool.

Try ThatRack now and watch your grilling game go to the next level

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Proudly made and assembled by hand in the USA of 100% food grade stainless steel!

ThatRack 5-in-1 Portable Grill Accessory

ThatRack is our flagship and innovative grill topper accessory. By vertically hanging & raising your meat off the grate, you consolidate food, maximize grilling space, and allow the juices to stay running through the meat. This will allow for the juiciest tasting food you've ever eaten.

You may be a backyard griller, a weekend camper, or a die hard tailgater.... ThatRack supports your cooking style.

  • Outdoor air fryer.

    The air fryers in your kitchen deliver a consistent and even cooking experience for all types of food. Let the smoke, heat and ThatRack do the magic on your grill.

  • Hands free grilling.

    ThatRack is a hands-free, set it and forget it grilling experience for the modern griller. No tongs. No brush. No spatulas needed. Load it up, carry it to the grill, and grill it.

  • Grill in one wave.

    ThatRack's compact design allows you to save time and space on the grill. You can grill 48 chicken drumsticks, 40 shrimp, 36 hot dogs, 30 sausages, 22 chicken wings, 10 steaks on ThatRack.

Watch How ThatRack Transforms Your Grilling Experience.