ThatRack it’s Simply Better Tasting Food!

Taking the great taste of grilling to the next level. Better flavor, maximized grill space, and more hands free grilling!

A Whole New Grilling Experience

The air fryers in your kitchen deliver a consistent and even cooking experience for all types of food.  Flipping of food on other cooking sources such as your grill and campfires upset the incredible flavors your food offers because it in interrupts the temperature consistency.

ThatRack creates a superb grilling environment, taking your cooking and grilling expertise to another level of taste. The maillard reaction, otherwise known as browning, is the process of amino acids and sugars creating the distinct juicy flavor of the best food in the world. This is primarily due to consistent and even cooking that creates the golden brown effect.  With ThatRack, you are able to place your meat and other foods on or in the heat source and set it on one spot, which allows for a slower & consistent cooking process.


ThatRack by Mario's Backyard is spicing up your grilling game by delivering the most flexible and tastiest grilling experience you've ever imagined.


Some call it a multipurpose rack, others call the outdoor air fryer, we call it ThatRack because it's ThatCool.

Try ThatRack now and watch your grilling game go to the next level

Proudly made and assembled by hand in the USA of 100% food grade stainless 404 steel!

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Watch How ThatRack Transforms Your Grilling Experience.